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Originally Posted by Meme_cherise View Post
I'm planning on going to New Orleans for my 21st. I don't know what's close or your money situation but going on a trip somewhere can be a lot of fun!
One of the following weekends I'm probably gonna go back home and celebrate with my family and mom, go to the spa and what not. But I do plan to party while I'm at school.

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Originally Posted by Josephine View Post
I vote definitely go out to bars and clubs. Why do a house party? You can do that when you are under 21. Is it not possible to go out on your actual bday even just for an hour or so at midnite?

My 21st was on a weekday, I went and got margaritas at happy hour and of course food.

Then on the weekend I went to all the 21 and up clubs, why go to a club that allows 18 year olds, when you're in the exclusive club of adulthood.
You guys are totally right. Also I'm certain some of the bars have 21 birthday packages!
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