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Originally Posted by murrrcat View Post
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Maybe it's some bizarre attempt to get a man. Maybe she heard that adage, If you cook it, they will come. So she tried it, but they didn't come. Perhaps she doesn't have the airflow that will allow the juicey aroma of the steak permeate the street, bringing the men in. So now she leaves it outside her door so all the mens can see that she has steak and say OMG she has steak! I need to hook up with her!

That's all I got. I can't think of any other reason why someone would leave meat outside, besides just being disgusting.

Maybe it's a trap, for you. Maybe she's the witch from hansel and what was the other ones name, Glenda...except with meat and lasagna
Hansel and Glenda????

Get ur ass back to kindergarten
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