can someone explain what the difference is? because everything I found pretty much sounds like tinted moisturizer.
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A bb cream is a primer, foundation, concealer and moisturizer all rolled into one with anti aging benefits (and sometimes skin tone lightening/evening benefits as well). A tinted moisturizer is just that--a moisturizer with a hint of sheer color). A bb cream wears longer much like a foundation. It's also thicker yet feels light and not cakey. Most American brands that have bb creams are really just tinted moisturizers case in point Iman bb cream. Ugh. So much hype.

ETA: bb creams can also have skin treatments like for acne and hyper pigmentation. Korean bb creams are the best and the real bb creams. Western brands are failing. I don't even understand why with all the big bucks we are constantly funneling into their pockets.

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ETA2: And BB creams tend to have higher SPF than a regular tinted moisturizer

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