Hey katie

Let me tell you I know how you feel and more lol I been straighting my hair since when I was 10 maybe with OUT heat protected Smh i would forget to wrap it up at night so I had to restraight it I danced so I had to restraight again ect lol

But what I did was STOP using heat !! Cut alot of it off. You have to I know you don't want to but you have to. The damaged ends will weigh you hair down:/ if you don't want to cut alot, just cut alil less then half. Then do deep condition treatments. What I use is Aubrey organic honey suckle rose or Aubrey orangic gpb conditioner. Seat under dry for 30 mins
And I only poo at the end of the month. Use cleansing conditioners

KEEP KEEP KEEP hair moisturize!! Moisture is curlys best friend !

And do protein treatment!!

Mmmm what else...maybe this too much info if you have questions Iam more them glad to help

After doing all this I never seen my hair like this better ) my hair type has changed Soo much almost a year haven't uses heat