I live about 25 miles from work - pretty much all highway driving. It takes me about 40-45 minutes to get to work (leaving at 615am - if I leave later it makes the drive much longer and I'd rather get to work 30 mins early than sit in traffic). Going home, if I leave right at 4 when I get off, I can make it in about 30 minutes, sometimes a bit less.

Those are assuming there are no accidents or other traffic issues.
I really don't mind the drive home but the drive to work annoys me most mornings - BUT I really like living where I live so the drive is worth it to me.
Modified CG since Dec 2011
Growing out super short cut

High porosity, fine, unknown curl type, somewhere in the 2s at the moment
Mostly low poo
Current rotation includes:
Wash: Yes To Carrots -Condition: Yes to Cucumber, Nature's Gate Jojoba, One C - Stylers: Deva volumizing foam, Deva UDG B'Leave In, Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl spray