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Originally Posted by juanab View Post
My daughter and I have been CG for about a year now, but we cannot go another summer here in FL with the big poof of hair the humidity causes.

Could someone suggest some gels or finishers that contain water soluble silicones? We will have to be modified CG.

Pantene Curl series makes one. It comes in a pink bottle. I bought it earlier this week for someone but it was simultaneously too heavy and also not enough control/definition for her waves. But it might work for your hair since you have a tighter curl pattern. Go to target or cvs and give it a try. If it doesn't work you can always return it. Does it have to contain a water soluble silicone though? Because there are some other gels out there that don't contain silicones that work pretty well. Biosilk rock hard gelee for one. I just don't use it because it has parabens but it worked well the day I tried it. I'm also thinking of trying ecostyler olive oil next and I don't believe that has silicones. But I love kinky curly curling custard.
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