My husband got the S3 in October and he likes it, he doesnt have any complaints. He has a few co workers that have the iphone 4 and 5 have complained about screen freeze and other stuff and a few that love there phones and have no complaints a couple have switced and got android phones. Not all are on the same plans so that might play into problems one might have. I think over all both phones are nice in their own way. My husband works at a coal dock and he has his phone in an otterbox to give added protection in case he should drop his. Now I was due for an upgrade and was looking at S3 and iphone5 at the same time he got his phone. After doing a little research and comparisons and playing with the diffrent phones, I decided insted to pre ordered the Galaxy Note 2.I got it November 28 and I must say this phone does a lot. I really use the duel screen option a lot. I did not pre judge the phone based on the nagitive things people say about its size either and I am a tiny lady not even 5 feet. This phone is amazing! And I have yet to drop my phone like I am prone to do with my other phones I have had in the past. Over all I am in LOVE with this phone lol

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I played around w/ the Note2 last night and I'm going to get it this wknd!! It seems way ahead of everything else out there and the reviews are really good.

I've already bought the Otterbox (last one in the store).

It's big but not grotesquely so, as it is sometimes implied.

Before it even occurred to me to look at the Note2, I had been trying to expain to a friend that the main feature on my current phone I would want improved upon is the notes app...bc I am so tired of carrying all kinds of notebooks and folios and planners and random scraps of paper, etc. to different mtgs and activities and then losing track of them or bringing the wrong one to a foloow up mtg or whatever. Or just getting caught out there, unexpectedly, needing to jot down some notes or sketch something and not having anything to do it w/.

Well, duh! There is an awesome phone on the market that specializes in exactly that.

But I always have my phone w/ me.

And now I won't ever feel I'm missing out by not having a tablet (i don't want to carry two devices w/ me.)

Have you ever lost your stylus?

Yes, I think I will really enjoy this phone! Thnx for the review.
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Oh I am so glade that you went and tested it out! The size of the Note 2 is not really a draw back once you see what this phone can do!! I am so very pleased that I have this phone and I would be kicking myself if I had passed it up, I am glad that I am one to research anything I buy first because i would of missed out had I not. I think you are going to be very happy once you have it and play around with all the features. Make sure to check out Samsung US | TVs ? Tablets ? Smartphones ? Cameras ? Laptops ? Refrigerators once you get your phone and register it. I have learned so much more about the features of the phone on this site.
I have never lost or misplaced my stylus because there is an option on the phone that if you leave the stylus setting out , the phone reacts to let you know you forgot it.
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