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Originally Posted by SpiderRa View Post
Hi all,

I started reading the naturally curly board/website about four days ago because I wanted to stop blowing out/straightening my hair and start encouraging my curls. Yesterday I did my last sulfate wash and first co-wash/rinse out/leave-in. I had pretty healthy hair to start with, and I think I used way too much conditioner or didn't rinse it out thoroughly enough. It was kind of limp and super silky/soft. So today I did a low-poo and a rinse out (using much less conditioner). I scrunch & pumped, plopped, and diffused. I'm fairly happy with the results. I do, however, miss the volume I used to get with my blow outs. I keep wanting to puff up my curls.

So before I started I thought I was a 2B/2C, but now I think I'm a 2C/3A, with a few 3B curls in the canopy. I definitely have those straight underlayers typical of a 2C. They really bug me; if anyone has any tips on how to deal with them, I'd love to hear from you! I'm hoping they start curling up more as I continue my CG regimen.

My before and after pics are below (the before pic is from a few years ago, but is typical of what my hair looked like with a blow out).

Thank you all for your wonderful advice; reading through the boards really helped me start this whole process.
Lovely curls

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