Sorry! Forgot about the facial cleansing wipes recipe!

Find a container that will be water tight and can hold a roll of paper towels cut in half.

Cut the paper towels in half, so it looks a little more like a toilet paper roll. Pull the cardboard holder in the middle out and it will start the center pull like a tube of Wet Ones.

4 cups warm water
1-2 tablespoons (add more or less, this is your call...) coconut oil
1-2 squirts of baby wash or your favorite face wash.

-Mix wet ingredients together until coconut oil is melted, then pour 1/2 of the mix over each half of the paper towels. More mixture may need to be made depending on how large the roll of paper towels are (I highly recommend only using the paper towels that are normal size...not select a size. It just creates problems).

I've used them last night to wipe my hands of vaseline from trying to salvage my poor cracked and bleeding feet and wiping off my face in between OCM's (right now I'm doing every other day or about 3 times a day for OCM so I needed something gentle to clean my face in between. Worked wonderfully!

ETA: Rather, I'm doing OCM every other day or about times a *week*...not day! Could you imagine doing OCM 3x a day?!
2B...ish pw: drama
This area is under construction as my hair type changed and nothing works well for me. I shampoo, I condition and pretty much have done nothing but chuck my hair in a messy bun for the past oh...year? Yeah, I'm that lazy.

No...going no-poo or CG does not work for me. It leaves me overconditioned and oily in a second no matter what I use, so that's not what's not working.

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