Thanks LL for the link. I will check it out, tho I'm not in peri yet according to bloodwork. And I'm really not willing to try another doctor and more doctor bills. I've already cancelled 2 doctor's appointments and 3 tests for this year. I'm just too frustrated with the costs.

Poochie, sorry that wasn't clear - "spayed" in this case is just getting my tubes tied. Not accurate I know but I've always used it because it amuses me.

This month was better on the pill as far as my period goes. I went a record breaking 25 days without bleeding and this period has been relatively light compared to the usual, but I don't think I can take the constant migraines. I'm used to having alot of them (around 15 days per month) but 25-30 a month is beyond what I am willing to live with. I think I'm done with this experiment.
I was thinking of trying Myomin but the cost is very high to me. I'll have to decide on that.
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