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Has anyone tried the mousse yet? I really want to hear about it!
I picked up the cowash and the mousse yesterday and tried both for the first time this morning. I have to say, I never use mousse, I like the hold that I get from gel, but I thought I would it a try since it was BOGO at Target.
Well, I don't know if it was the cowash or the mousse....or the combination of the two...but I love the way my hair looks! And....I used NO other products which is a first for me. I plopped my hair for 20 mins then diffused and just got such great definition and bounce! I'm going to try this a few more times before I decide if this can replace my HG Devacurl products... Although, I do think my curls are a bit looser today than normal. I might have not scrunched as much. Not sure. But I do love the look and feel of my hair today
This sounds awesome! Do you mind listing the ingredients. I may have to bribe someone to get this for me .
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