I'd like to join. I struggle with consistency but the last two months have gone pretty well so I think I can see some good results if I stick with it.

I do a modified CG (combs and brushes are my friends) with mostly protective styling.

poo - Palmer's Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo(2x/mo)
cowash - Suave Naturals Coconut or Daily Clarifying (2x/mo)
RO - Palmer's Olive Oil Replenshing Conditioner (3x/mo)
DC - Suave Naturals/homemade mayo blend (1x/mo)
LI - Suave Naturals/KC Spiral Spritz/oils concoction I make
Styling - Palmer's Coconut Oil Moisture Grow hairdress, Ecostyler-based whipped custard, whipped shea butter blend

My hair's currently just above shoulder length. I'm not overly concerned with length, just curious to see what happens.
fine/medium, dense, normal to high porosity
Modified CG for washing and detangling - I my comb for styling