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Default bleach at salon or at home...?

So kind of a crazy subject because people can be very opinionated about this, but I want to know what people think re: is salon-quality bleach and color actually that much better than store-bought box bleach and colors?

Just quick info on what I want to do: I want to put just a few highlights in my hair. I've read so many people here caution against bleaching as it seems to loosen a lot of people's curl, so that's why I'm going to do it very minimally....not lightening very dramatically (hair is med brown, going for dirty, golden blonde) and only a few highlights so it's not effecting very much of my hair. If in those places it effects the curl minimally, it's not the end of the world for me...

The question is, though, I hear a lot of people say do NOT do these things at home because you will wreck it etc., but I think I feel less nervous about doing it myself because I can actually strand test and salons won't usually. Even if they would, then the money is an issue. I have experienced help to do it for me at home but since I'm bleaching and the whole risk is damage, I want to know if the kind of bleach and color they use at salons is actually that much better quality than the bleach and color in box dyes? Or is bleach just bleach?
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