Before I understood the difference between the terms "assault rifle" and "assault weapon" and what exactly those things are I would have agreed 100% they should be banned. I thought what they were trying to ban was a machine gun style type weapon that could fire multiple rounds continuously and couldn't figure out why anyone would be against that, but from the reading I've done I now know what I thought and what the reality is are two different things.

Ban assault rifles because they're fully automatic? Absolutely. Ban assault weapons (which is a term I totally don't get, ALL guns are assault weapons, so I don't know where this term originates since it's referring to certain things that are added to rifles that change their look), I haven't figured out what good that does when a rifle is still a rifle even if it has a pistol grip, collapsible stock and flash suppressor on it.

I 100% agree with stricter background checks and was shocked today when I heard you don't even need one to buy at a gun show. This should definitely be a requirement for anyone buying a gun be it a private sale, gun shop or gun show.

I'm certainly no gun expert, far from it, but after doing a little reading trying to figure out where I stand on all of this instead of just jumping to a conclusion because I don't like guns, it seems like the gun ban and magazine restriction they're proposing wouldn't do much to keep a tragedy like the one in Newtown from happening again and I'd like to see a real solution instead of terms thrown around that scare the people who aren't gun savvy (like me).

There is probably more reading to be done on my part and information to process, but I have to start somewhere and these are my views thus far.
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The "gun show loop hole" absolutely needs to be closed. Some licensed gun dealers do sell at them, and do back ground checks on the spot. They can phone them in. You run into problems with private dealers. A person from *insert state here* can sell to another person from *exact same state* without any checks. There are a few other little cracks.

The background checks are pretty thorough. They check several record systems, but again, you have the legal loop holes.

*A longer waiting period and perhaps more personal checks (speak with family or...) would be a good addition. That would not always be ideal (people lie) either, but... It might be helpful.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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