i have recently changed in the past week, but i was for 6 months straight (immedietly after chopping off 6 inches)using a shampoo with hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrolyzed kertin as the 18th out of 28, and a conditioner with hydrolyzed silk protein 7th out of 21 on the ingredient list.

i was co washing for a bit but gave up because of hard water, so i went back to washing and then conditioning ,mostly concentrating on ends with the conditioner (the hydrolyzed silk conditioner). I wash 1-2 times a week i try to stay at 1 per week.i was using claryfying shampoo (wheat protein/keratin) for my one a week but my only letting the soap run down my ends.

also: these problems are pretty much non existant on the very bottom layers of my hair, the dryness seems to be on the canopy and one layer under that , the top being the worst. If you look at the individual strands on my top later the strand gets thicker the further you go down. this started about a month after i cut and started using the products.
3a with few 3b's for top layer and 2b for bottom layer, medium/thick, normal porosity, BSL-MBL goal-HL

Live clean argain oil restorative poo and r/o once a week, daily refreshers with r/o and water spray. (all sls and cone free) I bun all the time. staying away from proteins cones and sulfates for a while.

Hard water

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