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Originally Posted by The New Black View Post
Interesting timing for this thread: Manti Te'o hoax: Do you believe he is a victim? [poll] -

Manti Te'o hoax: Do you believe he is a victim?
Ah I was about to start a thread on this subject.

I have to say my answer is no. Now could I be wrong? Absolutely! It's just my gut feeling based on what I've read online.

And even if he was totally 100% "Catfished" as they say, well, he's been caught in some lies anyway. There was an article in the South Bend Tribune from 2009 where they describe in GREAT detail his "fairytale" meeting with the chic supposedly after a ND/Stanford game, how they "locked eyes, yada yada yada"

And his own FATHER made a statement in the Tribune sometime in 2010/11 that the 2 would sometimes meet up in Hawaii.

But now his official statement is "he never met her in person." Ok dude.
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