After we moved to CT I was absolutely shocked at the tizzy the news people would get themselves into when there was talk of snow. I always thought that in places where it has snowed for THAT darn long that it was old hat for them, but apparently drama lives!
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Everyone love to play the panic the people game now, and many do not stop and pay attention. Our forecasters will say things like Up To 8 Inches Of Snow!! inthehighestelevations. They always quietly mumble the details. Then the majority of the audience hears snow, and that's about it.

It does not help matters. They react this way over every skiff and then some people don't believe them when a real snow comes.

The ninnies even closed school today because of a chance of snow tonight. Call it like it is. We have gotten over a foot of rain already. Close school due to mud slide chances and flooding.
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The kids here were let out of school early today too...before it started snowing. It just kills me when they do that. And all evening long they've been posting tomorrow's school closings and delayed business openings at the bottom of the TV screen. When I was a kid in PA, we had to get massive amounts of snow for them to cancel school. And the snow had to actually exist, lol. (And we walked to school the snow...uphill...both ways)