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i hope you feel better

I had a sore throat for a year. It felt more swollen than sore. Turns out it as an allergy. Is it possible that you are allergic to something?

I'm having systems right now and it definitely swelling (not soreness) and it is annoying

I hope you get it figured out
i was asked if i have any type of allergies. as far as i know of i have none. well, besides pollen during allergy season. it was recommended that i could try taking an allergy med just in case it is an allergic reaction. i will probably have an allergy test done.

and thanks, i hope i get some answers too!
just an FYI, i turned out to be allergic to something not even listed in the ingredients list. I was just lucky that the allergist thought to include it in my test.

Has this ever happened before? Is there anything similiar in what you've been eating lately? Corn? Sugary? all the same color?
i don't think it has happened before. but now i'm wondering if it had and i just didn't realize because it wasn't so bad i couldn't breath. my diet really hasn't changed much recently.

i have to admit i'm a tiny bit relieved because i thought i was getting the flu and the sore throat was just the first sign. hopefully its nothing serious. i'll keep everyone posted.
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