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Re: Clipping- I was doing that, but it unfortunately is just not working for me at the moment...

Re: Protein- I just bought a conditioner with protein in it- used it for the first time today, I'm really hoping it will help. I looked at doing the gelatin treatment, but I'm not sure how well it will work for me because I don't know how long it stays liquid. I'd have to make it up before I shower, and then apply it in the middle of my routine...

I know I really do need a haircut as well- I had a "trim" about a week ago but it was just to get rid of my quite dry/destroyed ends. I've only been doing CG for a week today, so I'll try and be patient and see how it comes out in a month at least..I've had good days and bad hair days- I don't like my hair today, its definitely only curly/wavy at the front...Sigh.
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