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Okay, that is sooo helpful! I understand highlights can be difficult, but with experienced help and since I'm not doing too many highlights, AND with good products and careful strand testing before-hand, maybe it won't be so bad....Thank you for the cautions though. Very good to know. Now just for the product....

I've never bought from Sally's and I don't really know how it works...You buy the bleach (the one you recommended) and then also a 20v developer separately? And then obviously a color to tone with?

How do the box dyes from stores work then? If I bought a cap highlighting kit, it would be the bleach and developer together with a random volume of developer and then if I bought a color to tone with, is there no bleach in it, just the color? Sorry I feel dumb, but I don't really know about buying these things...
High type: 2c/3a curl, a bit fine, medium density, VERY low porosity
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Products: Live Clean but...
new here and currently researching better products to achieve better definition and VOLUME for my hair type! Haven't decided yet what to try....
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