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I agree with Daniel Craig, and Pierce Brosnan (and in Mama Mia he was such a terrible singer it was painful to watch not to mention I didn't see either of them as James Bond material. Channing isn't exceptionally good looking in my opinion but there is something about him I like. And I don't find some of the older guys some of you mentioned like George Clooney and John Travolta attractive.
I use to think Brad Pitt was attractive in his Meet Joe Black days but recently he looks haggard a bit more like Benjamin Button than Joe Black... maybe it's all those kids.
I also use to think Leonardo Dicaprio was cute in his titanic days but now I've changed my opinion. I also agree with both prince Harry and William and I had no idea many women found Nicholas Cage particularly attractive as far as Hollywood leading men go.
I think for an older gentleman Tom Cruise still looks good but he went a bit nuts recently so although he has his looks his charm is waning.
I also did not understand the attraction to Clay Aken before he came out of the closet and when he was first becoming popular but some women found him attractive.
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