JeepCurlyGirl, you might benefit from enzymes. I started taking them for help with my knees only six days ago, and just had the easiest period ever. (I'm 48.) My daughter didn't take any until the first day of her period - the typical cramping and being in so much pain she couldn't function had started and I thought maybe the enzymes would help her too, and they did. I've watched her the last three days be laughing and doing things instead of being miserable and stuck at home moaning. I've been amazed, frankly. Too early to tell yet if they will help with the frequency of her periods but I have high hopes. One of the things enzymes do is clean up old hormones that are circulating round and round. Maybe that has something to do with periods coming too often?

The ones I'm taking are Vitalzym original formula. There are lots of reviews of them on Amazon, and there's a FAQ and other info on the website of

Apparently our natural enzyme production begins to decline as earlier as 25 years old!

(I don't have any association with the company or anything, just wanting to pass on info that might help.)