I also really love Bee Mine's deep conditioner. It's probably my favourite but the floral scent smells like where flowers go to die, get any other scent except for this one!

Bask's chocolate conditioner is the **** as is Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Treatment. My hair is super soft when I rinse out and smells great!

Curl Junkie repair me is great when you need a moisturizing protein treatment. I can even detangle my hair with it!

I also really like Myhoneychild Olive you and Papaya!
Type: 3c/4a Fine Texture
CG since 2008 but natural hair all my life
Holy Grail
C/O- V05
R/O- E.V.A Kervais
Rinses: ACV
Leave in - Camille Rose Hair Milk
D/T- Spiral Solutions
Sylers/Butters- Bask Condensed Custard, QBAOHC
Oils - Grapeseed and Coconut, Castor