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After discovering my hair's true properties per the hair analysis I went and purchased new products to better suit my hair's needs. I def noticed less frizz and more moisture right under the faucet when wetting my hair and adding the conditioner post the shampoo. Previously even after wetting and conditioning my hair, even after a deep treatment there were always dry frizzy strands sticking out. Other than that my hair looks pretty much the same. I still haven't mastered the perfect style. I try the pixie curl diffusing method, and the pineapple, but these always induce major shrinkage and pouff. I do not like big hair and unfortunately it seems that no matter which products I use if my hair is second day or diffused it's huge. Therefore I keep reverting back to daily wash and gos. I do not like sopping wet hair in the cold but it seems to be the only way my hair doesn't get huge. Has anyone mastered dry non big hair? If so, how?
Medium Texture, Normal Porosity, Normal Elasticity, Long, 3b, Brunette, Highlights.

Shampoo-Loreal Eversleek Intense Moisturizing Shampoo
Daily Conditioner & Leave In-Loreal Eversleek Intense Moisturizing Conditioner
Gel-Herbal Essence Totally Twisted

Creme-Herbal Essence Totally Twisted
Finisher-Aussie Hi Shine Hair Spray
Deep Treatment-Hot oil under heated cap dryer 15-25 min.
Highlights-Loreal Cap Method
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