More poses you can do while laying down/mostly horizontal or seated:

- supine pigeon
- seated forward bend
- seated spinal twist
- supine spinal twist
- cobra pose
- bow pose [if you cast doesn’t get in the way]
- boat pose —*You could really build up your core during this time, and that's where most of your strength comes from in yoga anyway. What an opportunity! The cast will add extra weight, which means by the time it comes off, you’ll be ahead of the game.
- you could try learning some new inversions, using the wall for support
- fish pose

For natural depression remedies:

- I second the 5-HTP recommendation. It’s what I took when I got off SSRI’s years ago. I still sometimes take it when I need help.

- In wintertime, a Vitamin D supplement is a good idea. Look on the label and then double the dose.

- Second the rec for fish oil

- Second the rec for a B-complex, it will help your energy levels

I hope you feel better real soon!