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Originally Posted by sKorpio1190 View Post

Sorry I thought I did. I have fine 2c/3a hair with low porosity and high density. I didn't know that I could over condition it. It is soft and frizzy. So do you think I can continue to use these products, or is it harming my hair? Thanks for your help! Much appreciated
Except for the density, that's exactly where I started when I first started to lurk on! My hair was dense when I was young. Age, thyroid and a medication I take have thinned it.

Products won't "harm" your hair. You'll just continue to be overconditioned--soft and frizzy. Not sure why you'd want that???
You need to add protein in order to correct it.

I use a lot of rich products, but conteract it with protein. I do at least one PT (with a moisturizing PT) a week and use a lot of products with protein. Never have to DT.
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