First off, I have to say I am soo happy to have found this forum! Finally some answers and explanations to all my questions!
I have started the curly girl method with my daughter 12 days ago( after I was searching online for ways to combat her huge frizzy poof of hair and found this site ) she has beautiful almost waist length 3b-3c hair that looks great now thanks to finally cutting out sulfates and silicon.
Here is my question, I bought soft sheen beautiful beginnings curl cream today, I need help determining if it has any silicone in it. There are no cones or xane listed on the tub. Anybody here using it?
Right now she is using Suave coconut condish to clean , as conditioner and VO5 kiwi as leave in and deva angel as gel. She could use a bit more moisture in her hair and I was wondering if the curl cream is a good choice.