I just had a very positive interaction with the Younger Man Who Looks A Lot Like Ryan Gosling.

We're working on a project together, and it will be done with this week.

I gave him a ride home because he has to rely on public transportation because he lives right out of the city and doesn't use a car, and it's a pain for him to take all these buses so I offered to drop him off.


He told me he had no interest in doing another show until he saw my name on the email from the producers (we did a show together five years ago) and he said he'd do ANYTHING I wrote, which made me feel pretty good.

We somehow got onto the topic of his last relationship, which ended when she cheated on him, but he gave a rundown on the roundabout way he pursued her, and every fifteen seconds would say something like, "Okay, this part makes me sound SO pathetic!" and he's just so dorky and endearing I can't take it.

I was thinking, "All right, I think I would have married you after all that...but that's just me."

He's just SO sweet and cute and I can't help but smile every time he's around because he just has that kind of personality!

Do I make a move when our show ends?!
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I want to just ask him if he wants to get coffee if I drive him home again, but where he lives, there is notoriously no parking!

He is really really really cute. And sweet. I think he could have some serious potential, and the fact that he obviously thinks so highly of me speaks volumes.

We do have several friends in common. I can use them to scope things-out if I need.