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Originally Posted by dee-nature View Post
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Did I mention we had a snow day today??? So no work for me.
Yippy! Sounds like fun.

Solie get that paper even if you have to talk to him to get. We arent providing for you so we cant say to not talk to him if he owe you the money and you need it. Just be smart and not fall into his web of games.

Btw you should be proud that you are independent eventhough the support of others can be useful sometimes. Are you working?

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I'm an au pair so I live with a family and I get a small but reasonable stipend. It's enough to get by but because of the trip I have a LARGE overdraft and an enormous phone bill since I cried to anyone who would listen while I was in the US.

I don't want to talk to him because I still have feelings for him and I know I'm going to get upset and he's not going to care and I'm just going to hurt. I'm just getting by now and this is going to push me back to where I started. I just started to eat and sleep again.

I'm going to have to figure this out by Friday when he gets paid. If I don't have anything by that afternoon I will answer his call or email.

It's disgusting but he can only find time to call during the week when he has work. On the weekend when he had "free" time I didn't hear crap from him. Just thinking about it hurts. I just wanted to move on!
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