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It was fun.

Am I the only one that didn't think it gave really good information?? She used the float test for porosity--a notoriously poor test that frequently yields the wrong result. Running your fingers from tip to root is just as easy and yields better results.

I could go on with other points that I felt were too simplistic or misleading, but won't.
It would be curious to find out if they still feel this way since it was posted in 2011. The curliest of curly hair (kinky) may not have a shine, but a sheen because of the reflection of light from the hair type. This is without oil or other "shine" products added.

Since the time I posted my response, I have learned more about porosity and hair texture. According to two hair stylists who examined my hair, highly porous hair feels "mushy" even when dry. On the website, The Natural Haven, there is an article about porosity dated January 9, 2013.

My hair texture is mostly fine, with some medium strands, and I have a lot so it is voluminous. I always thought my strands were medium to coarse, with a few fine strands.

Concerning my hair, the stylists said my hair is not mushy, and is not highly porous. They also said that fine hair sometimes tangles easily, especially when long, even if it is not highly porous. My friend's daughter's hair tangles very easily, and it is stick straight and fine. I did the finger strand test, and it was bumpy and smooth at the same time; everywhere there was a kink or part of a curl was the feel of a "bump".

Silicones have never blocked moisture from my hair; just gave me slippery hair. In other words, I had a shiny afro or afro puffs.

Final verdict: Still out. Will talk to more stylists and do more research to verify my texture and porosity.
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