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I NEED the MAC Conceal and Correct Palette. OMG. I NEED IT.

The MUFE camouflage palette is crap. It's like colored thickened water. TNB, remember when I asked you if I could get better coverage with a brush than my fingers, well, not with the MUFE. It's really not creamy or pigmented. I wonder if they changed the formula because so many people rave about it.
Yes get it! I have it and LOVE it! I got the second to darkest one because the darkest one was a bit too dark since I wanted to conceal, highlight, and correct. I love it and I think it will last a LONG time! I'm tempted to get the darkest one and use it to spot conceal on my face and the darkest colors to contour with.
Will definitely be getting it. The one in dark is OOS online and none of my local Mac stores have it in stock. I want the dark one as it is most similar to the mufe crap I have. I contour with the darkest colour. Although I like my sleek contour kit. As soon as the sucker is in stock I'm on it like a hawk!!!

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Random, but for about $25, Graftobian's HD Creme Foundation palette in Neutral #3 is GREAT for contouring dark skin. It has 5 colors, two of which I could use for foundation, the other three make great contours. No orange, no shimmer, nothing unwanted in a contour. It does not have the correcting colors that MAC palette has, though. Just a thought.

Graftobian - HiDef Glamour Palette Neutral#3 - MakeUpMania

Also, if you want the MAC palette, put it in your cart and get it, because they are still accepting backorders whether it shows in stock or not. It say it ships soon; they will ship out your oder and ship the palette when received for no additional charge.
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