Day 1 of CG
Washed my hair (for the last time) with Garnier Fructis sulphate shampoo -- ugh.. hair felt so gross and sticky after. Then I continued with products mentioned above for cowash, rinse out, and leave in.

With my head upside down, I raked through a dime size amount of AG Recoil, and then used a little more and scrunched it in. I fixed my part (carefully) and then squeezed out excess water with a tshirt.

I diffused using the pixie curl method starting upside down and then flipping over and doing the under sections, middle, and top.

When I was done I was surprised at how it looked - a lot less messy (i.e. more defined and clumpy) than normal yet still pretty full for still being damp and needing scrunching. The only thing I wasn't too sure on was it seemed a little too crunchy.. Maybe I used too much recoil? Even though I didn't have to go out today, I would have been able to wear it down (the front clipped back of course - I hate having it hanging in my face). So I guess ultimately day 1 was a success

Also, I know the pixie curl method for diffusing is supposed to create less frizz but would I get more volume if I just diffused normally? When you diffuse what do you usually do?