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When someone mentions "Celebrity" chefs to me, I instantly gravitate towards the Food and Wine/Top Chef side of things, more so than the Food Network.
I have never heard of him. The moment someone claims to be a food or wine expert I walk away. lol. That probably has everything to do with me living in a location where you have to drive an hour or more to something more interesting than Bogarts, and many ingredients mentioned are still not available here.

That and it's all a matter of taste

*My phone is crazy today.
Eric Ripert is the chef of Le Bernardin. It's a four star restaurant and an institution really. Ripert (along with Thomas Keller and a few others) is one of the most prominent chefs in the United States.
Food and Wine features actual chefs, not anyone claiming to be "food and wine experts". My friend (Devin McDavid) was picked as one of the best new pastry chefs of 2012 by it. I always knew I'd see him in there some day, so it was very cool to see it happen this past year.
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