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I was terribly betrayed by someone whom I loved, trusted, gave money to for years. I mentioned this a while back. Not a day goes by that I don't think of it, even though I try to forget.

Today for a certain reason, the details hit me in the face again. How do you get over being terribly betrayed by someone? Don't expect an answer, just venting. I no longer trust my own judgement about people since he fooled me so terribly. I wasted my life on him, literally. Very bitter pill to swallow.

ETA: I just found it he did it to others too.
CP, I cannot fathom that some idiot would want to try and get over on someone as sweet, thoughtful and kind as you. Take solace in the fact, that the worst is behind you and the world can see him for the jerk he truly is.
Juanab, such good advice. Thank you for responding and reminding me that I am stronger!!! The worst is indeed behind me, and I take solace from the fact that I found out over 3 years ago and I got through the terrible shock and pain. Bless you!
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