Can it get any worse?!?! Well, I'm sure it can but let's pray not!
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Holy carp! Yes, it got worse. I jinxed everything.

FIL is currently in the ER. I left him and hubby there to come put his dogs in and feed them (he was worried). So we took him for his root canal. She still had a hard time getting him numb because of the high infection, he shouted in pain a couple of times but kept insisting she continue. When his blood pressure shot up, she called it quits and asked us to drive him directly to the ER because of his history (2 heart attacks, 1 stroke).

They just took him back, I fed the dogs, fed my son, had a bit to eat and I'm heading back. At this point, I'm making hubby stay in the hotel with FIL tonight. I don't want him alone. I wish he'd stay here with us but he won't.

Anyway, please pray, send healing vibes and good thoughts, whatever, his way! Stat! I'm so scared right now.

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