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Hmm. Assuming that online source has it right and you're using 100% unadulterated henna, Jamila is a type of henna that often has less lawsone in it - less than something like Red Raj, for example. It would tend to leave a lighter, more orangey stain than some other crop types.

Your mix sounds okay. 3 hr.s isn't all that long. Do you wait for the tea to cool down to room temp before pouring it into your henna? Boiling liquid should never be added to henna. It will hasten the dye release and you'll end up w/a very orangey color. I wouldn't even use very warm liquid.

Sounds like your plan to dial it back to once a month is good. I can't imagine hennaing once a week lol I feel like I'd lose out on huge chunks of my life and the relentless smell would land me in the psych ward.

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