I am currently suffering from fibroids. At first it was heavy bleeding and long periods. My doctor put me on Lysteda to help with the bleeding but it only got worse. She finally did a ultra sound and discovered I have a fibroid in my uterus. Now she put me on the BC pill (can't remember which one) to help with fibroid. My bleeding has lessen a little but I have very intense cramps during my periods. I feel so much pressure on my lower pelvis that I can hardly sit up straight in a chair. I have to sit leaned back because it hurts so bad. I also get so bloated and have horrible back pain. I suspect that my fibroid is getting bigger.

My mom had the same problem when she was my age and she ended up getting a hysterectomy. I badly want kids so that is not an option for me. I would like to know of other alternatives that wouldn't hurt my chances of becoming pregnant or carrying a baby.

Oh and the pill has not caused any weight gain and my acne has gotten better. The only side effect is bigger boobs. They get a little swollen.
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