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Default Deva Cut Methodology - Question

For those of you who've had Deva cuts, which way does your stylist do it? Does s/he just start snipping your dry hair right after you get into the chair, or does s/he first "untwist" and/or rake through your curls?

Was watching a Lorraine Massey vid where she's dry cutting a client's curly hair. Her client just sits in the chair w/her previously dry, styled hair and Massey starts lifting each curl and cutting it.

But that's not what the Deva-trained stylists I've been to do. They examine my pre-styled curls (in their dry state), and then they rake through it w/their fingers, separating all the curls until the hair is amorphous and fluffed out. It's only then that they start cutting the hair. ... Just wondering what your experience has been! Thanks.
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