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Shea Moisture



Desert Essence

Qhemet Biologics

Komaza Care

Uncle Funky's Daughter

Hair tools and accessories

Manic Panic

Special Effects dye
Last relaxer: 1st week of July 2009
BC: Aug 29, 2010
2nd BC: June 20, 2011

Shampoos: SM MR, SM ABS, Ion Color Defense Clarifying
Detangle: V05 or Suave Naturals
RO: Tigi MM,
Treatments: CJCR, SM Scalp Elixir
LI: any LI+oil+aloe juice
Moisturizers: QBAOHC, SMCES, SMH&SMM
Sealants: oils, OHBSP, JCN&S
Gels: Eco Styler Olive Oil, Eco Styler Pink, KCCC
Other: SM Scalp Elixir, Curls Control Paste

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