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Originally Posted by Aqua_Lily View Post
I know I already asked this before, but seriously, cheaper international shipping costs? :/ Curlmart shipping costs to Japan: $54. shipping costs to Japan: $4. I'm serious. Seriously how can this be? This difference is just ABSURD, inexplicable, astonishing, etc. Also, I often get curlmart email with coupon codes like '20% off!', 'brand X 20% off!', 'free shipping!'. But it's ALWAYS USA only that makes us non USA curlies feel so excluded...

I would be such a loyal curlmart costumer if the shipping costs were reasonable, I would order a big package like at least! twice a month (like I do with now...)
Ditto Aqua_Lily...

If I buy only 02 curl junkie products, I would pay in shipping costs to Brazil: $36 (no tracking!) and $95,35 (UPS - tracking).... what??...

I would also be a loyal costumer ( like I'm from iHerb ) if curlmart rethink these shipping costs.
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