I'm not sure if I offend Finlay or not but there are a lot of times it's obvious I've p*issed him off due to my inability to do things "right" I don't mix food correctly, get the dry food to canned food ratio wrong, choose the wrong treat. The look I get is more along the lines of "why are you so stupid" rather than anger, but he marches off to his kennel to show me he is unimpressed. Lol

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Growing out super short cut

High porosity, fine, unknown curl type, somewhere in the 2s at the moment
Mostly low poo
Current rotation includes:
Wash: Yes To Carrots -Condition: Yes to Cucumber, Nature's Gate Jojoba, One C - Stylers: Deva volumizing foam, Deva UDG B'Leave In, Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl spray