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It seems my hair is now coarse, it never was in the past prior to using aloe vera straight up. It seems to have added protein to my hair shaft on the regular

I now dont require protein treatments monthly as I use too in the past. I'm not sure if I like the effect.

My hair isn't breaking, not that it was in the past but now its really only shed hair coming out.

I know I don't like the feel of my hair itself though,
i'm not really quite sure what is going on with my hair. i was in a protective style for 3mos. the only thing i did different was spritz straight aloe juice on my hair. my hair is looking all kinds of thick now. i'm so confused. i've never had thick hair in my life. my sister and coworker both said "your hair got thicker". does straight aloe vera contribute to thickness???? if so, i need to keep using it fo sho!

some folks swear it does.
lmao - i need to re-up. i have 2 gallons left
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