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When you make a comment about how you seem to always fall for a certain type of guy (in my case, Irish guys...) and a guy responds with, "Well, I AM over half Irish!" (before rambling about all his other ethnic makeups, "And I'm a quarter Dutch and an eighth Scottish...")

That was Younger Man Who Looks a lot like Ryan Gosling's way of awkwardly and endearingly flirting, right?

(I had no idea he was Irish. It randomly came-up because we were talking about red hair. It was an odd conversation.)
ok, CIBC, I am going to say this out of love. I know you are discouraged in
the job dept (but keep plugging away, you will get the one you want);
but for the love of Mike, would you please jump in with all fours in the
dating department? Does he have to write your name in the sky? Of
course he was and has been flirting. Flirt back, flirt so hard it
hurts. Go out with him, have fun, see where it goes. AND HAVE
I tried!

I think he's just not that into me.
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