Yup, post-bc for two years now &i havent really cut my hair. I trimmed it once maybe &it was so long ago i dont even remember exactly when. I dont wear protective styles either! I just try my best to be gentle, and even go product free to give it a break. I can very carefully separate the root of a knot without further damage or "matting" it down more. I try not to do anything to dry hair, except pin it up (cuz its got nice volume when dry). I dont feel it totally necessary to cut it, unless ends are split or they will surely damage the rest of the hair. Mine arent as far as i can tell, but ima trim soon anyway just to keep it that way, before my ends do begin to noticeably split lol. Even with 2nd day hair i would much rather quench with pure water. I believe i maintained it rly well by not denying the hair good ol, thirst quenching water.

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