Hit: SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Co-Wash. I think i'll get 4 uses out of this 8oz bottle, which is pretty good for me. Smells great, left my hair super soft, and hair felt cleansed. Will alternate this occasionally with my twice monthly washing schedule, this is my gentle wash day cleanser, then wash with something a tiny bit stronger like Elucence Moisture Retention shampoo, Bobeam bar, or a SM 'poo, etc.

Hit: Trimming my hair while it was straight, I could really see what needed to go. I like trimming while my hair is in twists as well, so I will do that the majority of the time, and just trim straight whenever, just to even things up a little, maybe once a year.
Super Thick corkscrews and waves. LOVE Elucence MBC, Giovanni 50/50 condish, Qhemet Products, V05 Calming Chamomile Tea Therapy condish, Jessicurl WDT. These are my official HG's that I love oh so much