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Kibs your hair looks really nice and healthy. Is that your natural color looks very nice on you. I think it's a mixture of both a good haircut plus the right products can work miracles lol

Dusa I usually take about that long to get a haircut too usually I'd just have my ends trimmed but they can hold up. I'm thinking it shouldn't be more that 2 a year if I'm really lucky once a year which is worth the price. I'm curious about that too I'm wondering how it'll look straight. If anyone has experience please share 😉

Longlivecurls, technically its pretty much my natural color (or as close to it as makes no difference) But I'm about 70% gray so I dye it a lot. I'm glad I have a crappy camera lol because you can't see in that photo that its actually two-toned right now. I accidentally used a different color the last time I did my roots (I did my roots and all of the top half) So now the top is slightly darker than the underneath. Its a dark brown in reality but i think the photo makes it look closer to black.
You can always say you have ombré hair lol. I used to have red hair and then covered with a black/blue and now it's a brownish color but the dye didnt quite take the same shade everywhere so I completely understand you. Sometimes mistakes end up looking good seems to have worked for you 😄
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