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Originally Posted by Julesonline View Post
Korkscrew, that really stinks. I can't say that type of thing has happened to me, but being adopted into a Irish family and looking so NOT Irish, made it interesting growing up with the inevitable questions: Why are you so much darker than your parents? etc. I was picked on because I held a tan all year round, had such curly hair, etc. I do identify with the Irish culture though as that was how I was raised.
This is interesting. My friends who are fair white straight hair people are trying to adopt an olive skin child with dark curly hair. They have two biological kids who are blonde and blue eyed. My friends could care less what she looks like. They love her to death. But I worry that looking sooo different from the rest of the family may be difficult as she grows up. My friend told me they get dirty looks sometimes from people who act like she must have been cheating on her husband but it's not like they want to go explaining over and over again the girl is adopted.

Any advice?
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