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longlivecurls -- i do not use gso as a sealer usually, should take it out of my signature. i used it once or twice but found it to leave my hair somewhat brittle altho i barely had any on my hands. it was ok as a touch up after i had already used jane carter n&s, but not alone. i went back to using jane carter n&s to seal, love the way it makes my hair so soft.
I wonder if it has anything to do with your hair properties. In your sig it says you have normal porosity, I wonder if it might work different on someone with med/high (mostly high I think) porosity like me. Does jane carter n&s give a greasy look or feel?
it probably does have to do with hair properties, i have noticed that it is fine textured curlies who mostly write about sealing with oils. but at $4 for a bottle, i wanted to try it.
jane carter n&s has never made my hair look or feel greasy, it is absorbed into the hair, yet does a good job of sealing for my hair. you start out with a small amount, she recommends a pea size, but i had to increase that to 2 pea size amounts, one underneath, one on top. not only does it act as a sealant for me, it gives my hair some elasticity, shine. again, all hair is different, so....
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