Hi and welcome! I am pretty new to this but have some knowledge and will try my best to help. Co washing is a method in which you use a silicone fee conditioner to clean the hair and scalp. It is a gentle way of removing dirt without removing your hair's natural oils that condition and soften the hair. Also it is important if you want to start this method to do a final sulfate wash to start fresh and remove any product build up you might have. There is a lot of information on this site and on the web about this method and would be helpful to research. It's called the Curly Girl method or CG for short. Hope this helped and good luck!!
Type- 2a
Texture- Fine
Porosity- Normal
Elastisity- Normal
Density- Medium

CO- Vo5 kiwi lime squeeze, various sauve conditioners, loreal evercurl cleansing co.
Style- beautiful curls wave enhancing leave-in, pure and clean gel, Shea moisture smoothie
Techniques- plopping
CG since- Jan. 15th 2013