I use baking soda and ACV every time I wash, so every 5-10 days roughly.

Question, does any one find that it lathers? On blogs I always read how it doesn't lather and it does to me every single time and I'm feeling kind of weird about it. I snapped a pic yesterday of how it looks.

Is that normal? This is with 1TB of baking soda and 8oz of filtered water.
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That is odd if it lathers....I could imagine it lathering if I mixed it with other products but not really on its own...Maybe for other people but it definitely doesn't lather for me. I wouldn't worry about it, though. Probably just from a bit of friction with the texture of your hair because it's very curly. Mine is only 2c/3a. So that's probably to be expected.
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Hair loves touch.
Products: Live Clean but...
new here and currently researching better products to achieve better definition and VOLUME for my hair type! Haven't decided yet what to try....